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Why some brides are keeping their last name!

Why some brides are keeping the last name

Even though the majority of couples choose one name after the wedding, a recent study by The New York Times shows that keeping your maiden name is on the rise.

But what might be the reasons that brides deciding to keep their own last name after they get married? We summed up a few of those. 

  • Professional reasons

Maybe you are an artist or a writer, and all your work is created under your maiden name, or you are a famous blogger or media personality, so it's just easier and straight forward to keep your maiden name. Maybe you can still decide to use your partner's name for friends and family. 

  • Personal Reasons

Some woman simply see no reason why they should change their last name into their partner's name. Maybe they don't plan on having kids, or just want to make it easier for networking and be able to be found by people from the past who only know them by their maiden name. 

Another reason why a woman would like to keep her maiden name for example; If she worked very hard through extra years of college to get her doctoral degree and gets married a few years later, why should she have to change her legal identity? Her last name is what represents all the hard work she just endured.

  • Name Flow

Another reason might be name flow. Maybe your husband has a funny or not so standard family name and it just doesn't go well with your first name or with your profession. 

  • Identity purposes

Another reason why woman keep their last name after they got married is that they don't want to lose their identity. They are proud of who they are, and are happy with their name as it is. 

They might also be socially connected with that name. 

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  • Feminism

Many women are not interested in traditions and don't like the fact that it's just expected for a woman to change her last name while most married men would never even dream of doing so.

  • Family Tradition

Maybe your mum kept her maiden name when she got married to your dad, so it's common sense for you that you don't change your maiden name either. 

Another reason could be that you are very close with your grandparents on your dad's side of the family and keeping your last name is a way to stay connected with your family name and history. 

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  • Your partner is changing his name

Another reason could be that your future husband is changing his last name into your last name. Another thing we see more often is that couples choose a combination of both their last names. For example, if your husband's last name is Thompson and your last name is Lee, you could both change it into Lee-Thompson or Thompson-Lee. 

As you can read there are many reasons why a woman could choose to keep her own last name.

Do you keep your last name when you get married?